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food for thought

For the first time in a long time, I ventured out of my comfort zone aka Garden State into a place of everything imaginable aka Big Apple with close girlfriends of mine. Comfortably seated in the backseat of one of my friends' SUV, I was completely relaxed knowing that we were in good hands of our designated skilled driver with a navigation device pre-wired in her brain. For her, crossing the bridge over to the other side of the river is like walking across the street to visit my neighbor for me. Sharing the same space with countless talented and purpose-driven individuals whose passion and pursuit for life are so overwhelmingly infectious, it's hard not to get yourself stimulated intellectually and spiritually from the empowering effects of their mere existence.

周りには素敵な人たちが沢山います。とても幸せなことです。彼女達のお話しを聞いたり、自分の話しを聞いてもらったり、そこには必ず気付きと学びがあります。まだまだ努力せねば!と気付かされることの方が断然多く、それでも自然とハッピーな気持ちでいられることが多くなりました。彼女達の考え方や生き方を学ぶことは、私にとって必要不可欠なfoodです。美味しい物を食べる時に感じる満足感のように、マインドにgood foodを与えると、Mind(Thought)も満たされます。自分のMind(Thought)を意識することが気持ちを変える。You feel what you think. What you think is what you feel. 

心にも体にもGood Foodを摂り入れたいですネ^^




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