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everything happens for a reason

Every thing in life happens for a reason

Even when you feel defeated, do not let it destroy you

Do not let the power overpower you

Do not run away from it but run to it

Slowly and steadily...walk though

Face the fear, accept the reality, but never let yourself be reduced

Allow yourself a breathing space

Let yourself be guided toward a place where you can stay true

So your wounded soul may heal

Embrace your vulnerable inner child

Let go of your voices from your ego

Difficult though it may seem...painful though it may feel at first

Believe that every thing happens for a reason...for the better

The sun will always rise...the sun will always shine

Be grateful for those and to those around you

They are the rain that grows your seeds of soul

They are the sun that gives warmth to your sense of self

Every thing happens for a reason

And you will rise again

Every thing happens for a reason

So you will soar high above

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